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   CTPAT Maintenance

   The CTPAT program is a living initiative. It is very important, once you have become a Certified CTPAT Partner, that you
   continue to promote and enhance the security of your supply chain. It is also important that you maintain your CBP Portal site
   and update the site with any new or changed information when that occurs.  

  • As your supply chain changes, security surveys must be completed by new partners, evaluated and uploaded to your

  • Validation report responses must be entered to your Portal within 90 days from the date that the validation report was
     posted by CBP.

  • CTPAT Certified Partners must re-evaluate their Security Profile on a yearly basis.

   So, on an ongoing basis, there is a lot of work to do to remain a certified CTPAT Partner. 

   Pier 34 Solutions can assist you. Whether you achieved your CTPAT certification with our assistance or not, we can offer you
   a program to keep you current.  

  • The first step in our maintenance program is to make sure that your supply chain picture is current and that all your
     partners have submitted acceptable security surveys. You may inadvertently have overlooked segments of your supply
     chain, such as the companies that transport goods from the manufacturer to the freight forwarder, or possibly the freight
     forwarders/consolidators themselves, or the Customs Brokers here in the U.S. Other entities in your supply chain,
     distribution centers that receive imported goods, and trucking companies that take the goods there, might not have
     submitted security information either.

  • We will determine the certification status of all partners that indicated to you that they were CTPAT certified at the time
    that  you did your initial investigation, and we will repeat this process on a monthly basis.

  • Should we find partners whose status has changed, or who have not submitted security responses, we will contact
    them and get the required information.

   And then, on an ongoing basis, we will assist you as follows: 

  • Alert you to all new and changed CTPAT requirements, as these requirements are published by CBP.

  • We will, when you alert us to new partners in your supply chain, acquire Security Surveys from those companies
    for submission to your Portal at CBP.

  • We will update your security and company profiles with CBP when changes in your organization or your supply chain occur.

  • We will assist you with determining what changes have occurred in your supply chain, and we will file your mandatory
    yearly CTPAT updates with CBP.

  • We will answer questions and provide information to you and companies in your supply chain regarding CTPAT, and
    we will provide assistance with completing forms and questionnaires.

  • We will engage in e-mail communication with you concerning issues and items we deem to be of interest to you.
    These items might be CBP related issues, trade issues or general security issues.

  • Within our one year agreement, we will make available to you eight hours of e-mail or telephone consultancy concerning
    CTPAT and security issues, or consultancy and/or research on any business matter that is of concern to you. As we
    are not CPAs or lawyers, legal and accounting issues are excluded.

   We look forward to working with you.