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  What our clients say


“I want to thank you for forwarding our issue to another CTPAT contact at US Dept of Homeland Security. Once your contact’s office started working on it, both my customs broker and I started receiving calls looking into the matter. The result was that there was never any exam hold at all placed on our container by US Customs.
I really appreciate that you went that extra step to work on this. The container is scheduled for delivery to our warehouse tomorrow morning and our customer is going to get product within the timeframe they needed. It saved us from having to air ship material directly to them at extra cost.
Again thank you very much for your help!”

Ajinomoto Food Ingredients LLC

 "We have a long, successful partnership with Pier 34 Solutions.  In 2003 Pier 34 Solutions made our CTPAT Certification a painless process by utilizing their expertise and guidance.  Recently we were successfully validated by CBP, and once again Pier 34 Solutions was right by our side.  Joe Vles’ knowledge and expertise are invaluable to any company that is going through the CTPAT Certification and/or Validation and I strongly recommend Pier 34 Solutions."
KSI Corporation

 "Approximately 2˝ years ago, Maggy London decided to participate with CBP in the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) initiative. Having no understanding of what was involved, we reached out for recommendations on firms that could help us with the requirements of membership. We were introduced to Pier 34 Solutions and Joe Vles through one of our freight forwarders.
From the beginning of our relationship, Joe took charge and led us every step of the way. From the preparation of the application to the security questionnaires which were sent to the various participants in our supply chain, Joe was on top of the requirements and made the process go very smoothly. He followed up to insure we received the responses from our supply chain partners and also insured that they were apprised of what was required.
We would highly recommend Pier 34 Solutions, Inc. and Joe Vles."
Maggy London International, Ltd.

 "We are an importer of ladies better sweaters and a big supporter of Pier 34 Solutions. They have been instrumental in maintaining our CTPAT Portal with US Customs for a couple of years. They are just the best. They are able to take care of all my CTPAT requirements with CBP so I can concentrate on running my business. I highly suggest that you consider signing up with them to handle your CTPAT needs."
Design Options, Inc.

"Pier 34 Solutions has been a pleasure to deal with from day 1. We provided them with a list of our supply chain, and they took care of the rest. It has been the easiest transition to CTPAT certification that we ever thought possible. We would highly recommend Pier 34 Solutions to any company seeking certification."
Townley Cosmetics Inc.

"When we received a letter from CBP, stating that we would be going through the validation process, we were aware that there were many changes and updates to CTPAT and CBP's requirements. We knew it would take a lot of time to research all this and get updated, so we reached out to Pier 34 Solutions, who had come highly recommended to us. It was the best decision we ever made. We became quickly educated by Pier 34 Solutions, as they updated us on line, walked us through inspection in our Indonesia office and our validation here in the U.S.  We are now validated and know this only went so well because of Pier 34 Solutions."
Worldwide Logistics (USA) Ltd.

 "Working with Pier 34 Solutions took what appeared to be an administrative and bureaucratic nightmare and completely simplified and demystified the process.  They asked us for basic information and they did the rest."
Eastern Pacific Apparel

 "Pier 34 Solutions did what I felt was impossible.  They removed the fog of government red tape and simplified the CTPAT certification process.  Their information gathering methods proved to be extremely efficient and unobtrusive to my business as well as to my suppliers.  I have already recommended their services to other divisions within my group and would do the same to those on the outside as well."
Arjo Wiggins USA

 "They knew exactly what was required to get us certified. They were tenacious in getting our supply chain to complete the security surveys. Through their efforts, we now have a much clearer picture of our entire supply chain and the security in place at all producers."
Epstone Inc. dba ArtisticTile